Year 2- outing - Symbol Literacy Activity at Cathedral Museum,  Mdina


The year 2 pupils appreciated the beauty of the Cathedral Museum and the numerous architectural heritage and paintings that go back many centuries. Many details were very well explained to us.  


Then, our pupils turned themselves into little artists and tried their best at making their own drawing after analysing closely the paintings at the Cathedral Museum.


This was surely a unique experience. 


Sessjoni ta' tagħrif mat-tfal tar-raba' sena dwar kif għandna nilagħbu b'mod responsabbli u nwarrbu l-vizzji ħżiena.


During this outing at Buskett, Year 2 pupils enjoyed the time outdoors while doing fieldwork. This included leaf rubbing, bark rubbing, observation and listening. This was a lovely morning. 


Year 2 pupils enjoyed a Storytelling session using the Hear Map Step Speak strategy by Ms Urieth Aquilina. Pupils  were very much involved in the lesson.


Outing at Manikata Farms


Year 1 and 2 pupils visited Manikata Farms where they experienced feeding and petting various animals and learned about how they are cared for.  The pupils also learned facts about some trees and plants in the vicinity of the farms.  They looked closely at various leaves and flowers and even experienced planting their own bean plant which they then took home! 


Subtraction Using Concrete Objects


Year 2 pupils are using interlocking cubes to help them better understand the concept of subtraction. 


In another lesson the students also used a tens frame and playdough (from their Maths Toolbox) to better understand subtraction. Here we can also see pupils working collaboratively in pairs. 


Our Year 2 class making use of the Maths toolbox during the lessons.

European School Sports Day (ESSD) - 28th September 2018

The event was introduced by questioning the students about the importance of sports in their lives.  Year 1 to Year 5 classes participated in the ESSD event in the school premises while the Year 6 had an activity outside school at the School Cottonera Sports Complex.


They started with ten minutes brain gym exercises in the hall as a means of warming up.  Then there were six stations, the traffic light game, the dice game, snake path, basketball, cones and loops and rolling balls in circles.  Each class took part in all the six activities by rotation accompanied by their respective teachers and LSEs. The event was a success as all students and staff enjoyed doing sports while at the same time gaining health benefits. 

The Principal of St Margaret College, Mr Emile Vassallo, came to this event.  He also took part in some of the activities. He was accompanied by the Head of School, Ms Cachia.  It was a celebration of European School Sports Day.