How do school children celebrate the European day of languages?

The European Day of Languages is organised by the Council of Europe. On this day the linguistic diversity of Europe and other continents is celebrated.

In Malta this day was commemorated with a celebration of the European Day of Languages on 30th October at St Ignatius College, the Middle School at Handaq. This celebration is organised by the National Literacy Agency and the campaign Living Languages by the Ministry of Education and Employment. Various special guests were in attendance including representatives and delegates from various embassies, students and educators.

During the celebrations, the winners of the competition to design a T-Shirt and the production of a video were awarded their prizes. On the same occasion, the students from the middle school read dialogue using different languages and some stories written in Maltese.

Children from Year Five from Kalkara Primary School sang the ‘Hello song’ in various languages, while children from the same year from  Senglea School sang an alphabet song using sign language as well as a song in Spanish. Students attending Pembroke’s School of Sports read excerpts about sports in four different languages.


With this display of their talents, these students wanted to convey the message that despite the fact we speak different languages, we can still all understand one another.

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